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The paperbag XXL with an acrylic polka dot print. 

For a nursery or living room space, when there's no room on the shelves or in the cupboard, these hand-painted bags are perfect to store those toys, extra clothes or books. 

These paper bags stand out from the rest because they are made of 3 layers thick kraft paper making them, SUPER STRONG. The top of the Paperbag XXL is easy to fold or roll so the brown inside is visible for a nice effect to your interior.

The inside of the bag is made up of 2-layer 70 grams brown kraft paper, the outside is 90 grams of bleached kraft paper. 

Paperbag XXL gets its name, of course, because of its size. With its height of 80 cm is the highest of its kind. 


80 x 50 x 13 cm.



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